Creative Costume Ideas from One North of Boston for Halloween

Man and woman in pirate costumes.
Last October we posted some great ideas about how to celebrate Halloween here in Chelsea, MA on the One North of Boston Blog. This year, we’re back with ideas to get a head start on costumes for any Halloween parties you may be hosting at your apartment or attending elsewhere this month.

Easy-Peasy Costumes for Halloween


Throw on some suspenders over a white t-shirt and wrap some white tape around the center of thick-rimmed glasses. Bring along a calculator because you never know when you might need to calculate an equation to maintain your image.

Bread Winner

All you need for this simple yet totally clever costume is a medal, a t-shirt, and a loaf of bread. You might not win the best costume but at least you will have one!

Smartie Pants

You'll look sweet enough to eat when you slip into some old trousers with Smarties candies taped all over them. Add some nerdy glasses, suspenders, and a bow-tie to complete the look.

Couples Costumes


Yo ho ho - being a pirate is a super easy-to-pull-off costume idea for couples for Halloween. You can both be pirates, or one can be a pirate and the other a wench. Have fun and brush up on your pirate-speak, because it’s an important part of your character.

Flapper and Gangster

A timeless combination, and it’s easy to nail the look with a few well chosen pieces, hats, hairstyles, and accessories. We love the whole 1920s look, hello Charleston.

Bob Ross and his painting

If you’re a fan of Bob Ross and his happy little trees, this is a must Halloween costume to try! Just don a brown curly-haired wig and a beard and mustache. Wear a white button down, some jeans, and push up the sleeves and you’ll be his spitting image. You can even showcase your artistic skills by cutting a face-sized hole in the middle of a canvas and painting some trees surrounding the hole. Use some makeup to have a friend complete the look.

Check out 31 more DIY Halloween costume ideas from Good Housekeeping by clicking on the link if one of these doesn’t work out for you. We hope you have a great Halloween. Next time we will be back with some ideas for costuming your pet for the holiday. Thanks for reading our post today!

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