Gaming at Our Clubhouse Suite at One North of Boston

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This month the One North of Boston Blog is featuring one of our most popular amenities, our clubhouse suite, which is an awesome place to spend free time socializing. Comfortable seating, gaming tables, ample lighting, and in-house billiards make this the perfect place to hang out for an afternoon or evening. We’ve got ideas for games we think you’ll enjoy with a group of friends from our apartment community. 

There are many things you can play for game night including board games, tabletop games, or games that involve the theatre of the mind, like Mafia. Always keep in mind the preferences of your guests and pick a game that everyone will enjoy. The last thing you want is to have a game that takes an hour to explain or for someone to be left out because they can’t or don’t want to play a certain type of game. So choosing simple word or card games is always a good idea due to the high number of players that can join a game.

Game Suggestions

Game nights are a fun and exciting way to spend a free night or kickstart your weekend. Invite your friends over to get competitive or play a cooperative game. Try these suggestions for both types of games.


We’re all familiar with the classic board game, Clue, but if you want a fun twist on it, try Mysterium. Solve the crime that’s been committed on the grounds of Warwick Manor with up to six other players within 45 minutes. One player takes on the role of “ghost”, leading investigators to the culprit through visions. All the tokens, character psychic cards, ghost cards, and vision cards sound like fun tools for solving a mystery.


Work together with your friends to stop four viral diseases from spreading throughout the world and destroying humanity! Pandemic is a cooperative board game that requires all players to band together and make decisions to achieve a singular goal: the salvation of the world. Play as one of five possible roles each (dispatcher, medic, scientist, researcher, or operations expert) with their own unique skills. A great game for 2 to 4 players, Pandemic is fun for everyone!

What are you favorite board games? Where is your favorite game shop in the Chelsea, MA area? Let us know in the comments! Thanks for taking time to read our post today. Next time we will be featuring billiard history and fun facts.


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