Swimming Pool Games for the Pool at One North of Boston


Mother and Daughter Snorkeling

Summer is not over yet here in Chelsea, MA! We know it gets hot around here when you’re out and about, so head on home to One North of Boston and take advantage of our pools for a great way to cool off! In this week’s blog post, we are sharing a list of swimming pool games for you to play including F-I-S-H, Octopus, and Diving Scavenger Hunt.


Swimming Pool Games



It’s like the basketball game, H-O-R-S-E, but in the water. The objective is to copy the actions/moves of your opponent in the water. For example, player one does an underwater handstand for five seconds, player two has to match it or they get a letter. The first player to spell out F-I-S-H loses. Note: You can do each action/move only once.


When it comes to this game, the more players you have, the better! Every player in this game tries to get from one side of the pool to the other without being tagged by whoever is “it”. As players are tagged, they join the octopus’ team, holding hands with them in the middle of the pool and effectively becoming part of the octopus to tag those swimming by. With enough players, you’ll soon find a long line of defense blocking the other side of the pool. The last standing player who is not a part of the octopus chain becomes “it”.


Diving Scavenger Hunt

This game is for two teams. Collect duplicate items that are suitable for diving after, like diving rings, coins, weighted water bottles, assorted pairs of dive toys, etc. Toss the items into the water. Give each team a list of items to collect. The first team to collect all of the items on the list wins. Be sure to actually find all the items by the end of the game so nothing gets lost!

Be sure to follow all posted rules as you enjoy the pools here at One North of Boston. Do you have any other fun swimming pool games? Let us know what they are in the comments below. We are pleased to offer a variety of amenities for members of our apartment community! Thanks for reading our post today.

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